The Southeast Middle School held their Spelling Bee on Friday January 7, 2022. Twenty students from fifth through eighth grades participated in the spelling bee. First place went to Henry Burns and second place went to Michael Smith. Both boys will represent SMS at the Crawford County Spelling Bee on February 25, 2022.

SMS Spelling Bee participants:

5th grade: Destiny Donaldson, Phelisha Hardee, James Maxton, and Addisyn Ulepich

6th grade: Conner Allen, Kayden Allen, Toren Ashbaugh, AJ Hudson, Chaydon Mays, Ashton Rahe, Shaylene Sossman, and Elena White

7th grade: Henry Burns, Callie Trezona and Tyler Warner

8th grade: Ethan Becker, Zayne Gabern, Zeb Hendricks, Jayden Johnson-Keller, and Michael Smith

Michael Smith -2nd Henry Burns -1st
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