Southeast High School TRIO participants provided mentoring to the Southeast Middle School students at an assembly on Friday, March 3. 

Following a performance by the SHS Cheer Squad, TRIO participants discussed their school involvement, achievements, leadership positions, and answered student questions about high school. They also communicated how TRIO Educational Talent Search prepares students to succeed in high school by emphasizing essential skills, and prepares students to enter and succeed in higher education by providing college preparatory information and campus visits.

Principal Hansen relayed that he appreciated the students representing themselves as great role models to the middle school students.

For information about TRIO please contact our Educational Advisor Michelle Dayton at

Senior Audrey Jacobs, Freshmen Macie Herron, Kilynn Banke, Lyle Oehme, Cayne Windsor, Jayden Johnson-Keller, Kendyl Renn, Senior Malia Vinson, Sophomore Daphne Tavernaro, Freshman Chloe Guymon, Senior Zoey Tavernaro and Sophomore Isabella Tavernaro.
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