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Every school has children in need who are unable to focus on learning. Every community has needs that are neglected and hinder the quality of life of those who live there.

Bright Futures Southeast believes that when caring citizens with diverse skills and worldviews invest their time, talent and resources in schools children will learn, lead and serve to their full potential now and in the future. When given these opportunities children become willing partners in shaping their communities to become resilient and vibrant. It is this mutually beneficial relationship that forges the bond between children and community.

By partnering with advocacy groups, businesses, churches, civic groups, graduates and parents across the community Bright Futures Southeast provides a framework to channel existing resources to quickly and efficiently meet a child’s basic needs – often within 24 hours.

By providing guidance and direction but allowing them to determine their own path, Bright Futures Southeast brings together student leaders to combine their creativity and energy to seek and satisfy ways to enrich their community.

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Mission Statement

Partnerships inspiring educational achievement and developing community success.

Our Core Values

We believe…

  • in the inherent worth of every child and in every individual’s ability to make a difference.
  • that every child’s basic needs must be met in order for them to learn effectively.
  • that diversity should be celebrated.
  • in the sanctity of the family unit and that we must seek ways to help families in their effort to parent their children.
  • every community has the resources to meet the needs of every child; these resources simply must be brought together.
  • in being honest with all involved about realities and possibilities.
  • high expectations produce higher levels of success, both at school and in the community.
  • honesty and integrity are key to maintaining purity of Mission.
  • all of us are better together than any one of us alone.


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  • To create a rapid response system to meet any child’s basic needs within 24 hours. (Follow us on Facebook)
  • Identify and align resources to address the broad needs of our school community.
  • Develop leadership capacity to support the ongoing efforts to support the education of our children.
  • Create opportunities for our children to give back through service learning to foster the ideals of interdependence and service before self.

Bright Futures Southeast agrees to…

  • Match diverse business, faith-based, human service agencies and parent groups to every school in the district to provide the community support necessary for the success of every student.
  • Allow each partner to determine its own level of participation.
  • Make every effort to match a partner with the school of their choice (this may not always be possible).
  • Hold regular gathering with each Partner group (Business, Faith-Based, Human Services, Civic/Patrons).
  • Hold regular meetings with each school’s Bright Futures Leadership Council, which shall consist of a representative from each Partner group (Business, Faith-Based, Human Services and Civic/Patrons), and the principal, a teacher or counselor, and the parent’s group president from that school.
  • Hold regular meetings of the Bright Futures Southeast Advisory Board, which shall consist of a representative from each Partner group (Business, Faith-Based, Human Services and Civic/Patrons), a representative named by the USD 247 Superintendent, and standing offers of participation to the mayors of Cherokee, McCune, Weir and West Mineral.

Partners agree to…

  • Seek to understand and to encourage life-long learning and promote education.
  • Align your efforts with the core values and beliefs of the Bright Futures initiative.
  • Respect school staff, schedules and the policies/procedures of the school and District.
  • Attend scheduled Bright Futures Southeast Partner meetings at least quarterly.
  • Commit to be a Bright Futures Southeast Partner for the entire school year.
  • Commit your gifts of time, talent, and/or resources.
  • Work as a team with the other partners at your school to fulfill the school’s needs.
  • Maintain open, honest and frequent communication with the representatives from your partner school.
  • Communicate concerns and provide feedback to the Bright Futures Southeast Leadership in order to support program improvements.

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