JDDA Drug-Free Schools (See GAOB and LDD)

Maintaining drug-free schools is important in establishing an appropriate learning environment for the district’s students. The possession, use, sale or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students at school, on or in school property, or at school sponsored activities or events are prohibited.

Student Conduct

As a condition of continued enrollment in the district, students shall abide by the terms of this policy.

Students shall not manufacture, sell, distribute, dispense, possess or use illicit drugs, controlled substances or alcoholic beverages at school, on or in school district property, or at any school activity. Any student violating the terms of this policy will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement officials, and will be subject to:

Students who are suspended or expelled under the terms of this policy will be afforded the due process rights contained in board policies and Kansas statutes, K.S.A. 72-8901, et seq. Nothing in this policy is intended to diminish the ability of the district to take other disciplinary action against the student in accordance with other policies governing student discipline. If a student agrees to enter and complete a drug education or rehabilitation program, the cost of such program will be borne by the student and his or her parents.

A list of area drug and alcohol counseling and rehabilitation programs along with names and addresses of contact persons for the programs is on file with the board clerk. Parents or students should contact the directors of the programs to determine the cost and length of the program.

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