JQAA Program and Activity Accessibility

All district programs, services, activities, and organizations will be accessible to individuals with temporary or permanent disabilities. Reasonable accommodations shall be made to allow access to all programs, services, activities, and organizations. Accountability for such access shall be ensured through active monitoring and intervention when necessary by building and district administrators, the Section 504 Coordinator, the Superintendent (if different from Coordinator), and if required, the Board of Education.

Staff members that learn of any violation or potential violation of this policy are to report such knowledge to their building principal or the Section 504 Coordinator.

The Section 504 Coordinator will be the district contact for individuals seeking additional information concerning access to district programs, services, activities, or organizations. District handbooks, the district website, and public bulletins shall publish the contact information for such inquiries.

Approved: KASB Recommendation–7/96; 4/07

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