SJHS Football


The Standard 

  • “Relentlessly challenging our individual physical & psychological limitations in all situations regardless of our circumstances to achieve our ultimate potential as a team with great integrity. Be a Champion. No excuses.”
  • Success is Not Owned, it is Leased, and Rent is Due Everyday.

Game 7 Players of the Game

Offensive:Issac Elkins
Defensive: Cody Gath
Big Hit: none

TD: none

Two Point:  none

Tackle For Loss:  none

Fumble Recovery: none


Game 6 Players of the Game

Offensive: Bryce Peterson
Defensive: Jakob Tavernaro
Big Hit:  Jakob Tavernaro

TD: Bryce Peterson

Two Point:  Jakob Tavernaro

Tackle For Loss:  Gage Oplitnik, Dan Cheney,  Hayden Wilson,  William Ridenour

Fumble Recovery: none

Int– Bryce Peterson

Win- Everybody

Game 5 Players of the Game

Offensive: Jakob Tavernaro
Defensive: Jakob Tavernaro and Bryce Peterson
Big Hit:  none

TD: Tavernaro x2

Two Point: Reese jacobs

Tackle For Loss:  Issac Elkins

Fumble Recovery: none

Offense as a  Whole for yards and Rushing yards –Total 242


Tavernaro- 17 — 88 yard

Jacobs-8–23 yards

Peterson- 8-57 yards


Passing– 10–62 yards 9 (Reese and Peterson)


Evans 1-33 yards

Peterson- 1-7 yards

Jacobs 1-16 yards


Game 4 Players of the Game

Offensive: Jakob Tavernaro
Big Hit: Gage Oplotnik

TD: Jakob Tavernaro x 2

Two Point: Garrett Evans

Tackle For Loss: Gage Oplotnik, Drake Ball, Reece Jacobs, Kyle Carter

Fumble Recovery:Bryce Petersen, Drake Ball

Game 3 Players of the Game

Offensive: Reese Jacobs
Defensive: Jakob Tavernaro  and Hayden Wilson
Big Hit: Kaden Fox and  Jakob Tavernaro

Defense for yards

Defense for shutout in quarters 1,3,4

Tackle for Loss: Kaden Fox, Jakob Tavernaro , Gage Oplotnik, Bryce Petersen , Hayden Wilson x2

Blocked Punt: Issac Elkins

Safety: Bryce Petersen

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