State qualifiers prompt USD 247 Southeast to cancel school for Friday

Due to the number of students and staff interested in attending State competitions on Friday USD 247 Southeast has decided to cancel school district-wide for that day.

“This allows all students, our staff and their families to take the day and go support those representing the Southeast Lancers,” said USD 247 Public Information Officer Chris Wilson.  “A lot of students have asked about getting the day off and missing homework, and several faculty members have asked as well.  Not having to worry about school hopefully makes the decision of whether or not to go a little easier for families.”

Sophomore Dietrich Smith is running in the State Cross Country meet at 11:30 a.m. just outside of Lawrence, at Rim Rock Farm.

The Southeast Volleyball team plays in the State Volleyball tournament at 3:30 p.m. in Emporia, on Court A at the WL White Civic Auditorium.  Southeast is the #8 seed and will be playing against #1 seed Douglass.

“It is possible fans could attend both events if they choose to,” Wilson said.  “According to Google Maps, if you take Interstate 35 there are no toll roads and Rim Rock Farm is about 90 minutes away from the White Civic Center.”

Wilson said the district may have to make up a day later in the year if there is an issue with snow days but says they will deal with that if the time comes.

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