Lancer High School Wrestling competes in first ever competition


On Saturday December 6, 2014 thirteen students made history Southeast High School by competing in the district’s first ever wrestling competition.

Jesse Ross was the first to wrestle at the competition in Caney Valley and Colton Charlton was the first to get a win for the high school. Tayler Beckley won the school’s first medal.

“We’re throwing them to the wolves,” Coach Wilderman said. “The boys were a little nervous but overall wrestled pretty touch. They all lacked experience but went out there and give it their all. Even though they didn’t win a lot of matches every kid left the gym with a sense of pride and accomplishment. It takes a lot of guts just to get out there and wrestle a Varsity match, especially with no experience. They are all working hard and ready to get back in the practice room and learn how to win.”

Individual results for Southeast: Taylor Beckley – 1-3, 4th place; Bryce Blockburger – 0-3; Clint Center – 1-4; Colton Charlton – 1-3; Tristan Gardner – 1-4; Levi Kendrick – 2-3; Austin Large – 0-3; Jonathan Martin – 0-4; Bailey Moore – 0-3; Tanner Mosley – 0-3; Cameron Paasch – 0-3; Jesse Ross – 2-2; and, Aaron Sterling – 1-3.

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