Southeast Boys Varsity Basketball wins over Oswego, 50-31 (with photo gallery)

The Southeast Lancers Boys Varsity Basketball Team opened their season with a 50 to 31 victory at home against Oswego.  The game started ugly but was intense.  Missed layups, fouls and more than 30 missed free throw attempts between the two teams.  Four minutes into the game the score was just 2-2.

In a sequence that exemplified the first period for both teams, Oswego senior Kel Yeoman stole the ball from the Lancers, missed the layup but drew a foul – air-balling the first free throw attempt and nailing the second attempt.  By the end of the first period Southeast had a slim 10 to 6 lead.

The second period saw much of the same.  With 3:30 left in the second period Southeast senior Riley Ulery made a tremendous save but the Lancers were unable to turn it into points due to a traveling call.  At the half, Southeast was still up 20 to 14.

The inside game helped Southeast takeover in the second half.  Ulery would finish the game with 14 points and 10 rebounds and senior Ryan Rakestraw would finish with another 17.

Individual points for Southeast:  Caleb Biancarelli – 5 points; Cole Burdette – 2 points; Chandler Jackson – 4 points; Shado Jacobs – 1 point; Colton Jrejo – 3 points; Ryan Rakestraw – 17; Riley Ulery – 14; Caleb Thompson – 1; and, James Zimmerman – 3.  For Oswego:  Bryce Anderson – 2 points; Kyler Dreiling – 5 points; Elijah Elliott – 4 points; Ethan Garris – 6 points; Adam Gharmalkar – 2 points; David McBrien – 4 points; and, Kel Yeoman – 8 points.

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