Southeast Girls Varsity Basketball defeats Oswego, 44 to 15 (with photo gallery)

In the days leading up to the season opener Southeast Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Derek Sanders said the Lancers would rely on defense.  As expected, on Friday night, turnovers and points off turnovers were the key to the Lancers 44-15 victory.

Junior Kalyn Bitner pushed the opening tip to senior Olivia Powell who took it in for a quick layup at the 7:56 mark.  A steal and layup by senior Kelsie Westervelt gave the Lancers a 4-0 lead.  The Oswego Indians battled back to make it 4-4.

At that point senior Kelsie Westervelt had attempted a pair of three pointers that went in and out, but her third attempt went in to give Southeast the 7-4 lead and they never looked back.  By halftime Southeast was up 29-8.

To the applause of the Lancer crowd two foreign exchange students took the court in the final minutes of the game – their first ever basketball game – sophomore Sofia Herranz Aparicio from Spain and Katha Jens from German.

Individual points for Southeast:  Kalyn Bitner – 12 points; Madison Bone – 6 points; Olivia Powell – 12 points; Maggie Renn – 6 points; and, Kelsie Westervelt – 8 points.  For Oswego:  Karley Brake – 5 points; Jenna Goodnight – 3 points; Kailee Ramsey – 2 points; Madison Sheddrick – 4 points; and, Breanna Vail – 1 point.

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