Come Support Your Lancers: Southeast to host first ever Wrestling Dual Thursday night

Southeast will host its first ever Wrestling Dual Thursday night in the west gym at Southeast High School. Matches start at 5 p.m.

This is an opportunity to learn more about a sport that is new to our schools. This is also an opportunity to support Southeast student-athletes who chose to compete at the Varsity level in year one of an individual sport against many who have wrestled for several years.

Here is a quick guide to the sport:

Two individuals wrestle in a 28-foot circle while wearing headgear, shoes and a singlet. The singlets help coaches recognize their wrestlers across large arenas. Kneepads and mouth guards are optional.

During a match the referee wears a green band on one wrist and a red band on the other. The wrestlers competing wear either a green or red band on their ankle. The referee will indicate points to the scorers table by raising the appropriate hand with the number of points that wrestler is to receive. More on scoring below.

Each round wrestlers compete for three 1-minute periods. Unless there is a pin – an automatic victory – the winner is the wrestler with the most points after time expires.

Scoring is as follows:
* Escape – 1 point for a wrestler being controlled by opponent who gains a neutral position.
* Near Fall – one shoulder touches the mat and the other shoulder is past a 45-degree angle OR if both shoulders are within four inches of the mat – 2 points for holding the position for 2 seconds and 3 points for holding the position for 5 seconds. If an injury timeout occurs during the near fall 1 point is added.
* Reversal – 2 points for a move from underneath an opponent that shifts control from the opponent to the wrestler.
* Stalling – After 1 warning, 1 point against a wrestler not making an effort to be assertive or leaves the 10-foot circle.
* Takedown – 2 points for dropping an opponent to the floor from a standing position and gaining control
* Technical Violation – 1 point against a wrestler for violating one of multiple violations, including incorrect starting position or false start, grasping opponent’s clothing or equipment, intentionally going out of bounds, leaving area without referee’s permission, improper or illegal equipment, or applying a figure 4 hold from the neutral position.

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