SJHS Chess Club takes 1st place in Arma tournament

At the Northeast High School Chess Tournament on Saturday January 24, all six Southeast Junior High School Chess Team members placed in the top 20 to receive medals as the school took its second consecutive 1st Place Team honor.

“The team was very excited and anxious for this tournament going in as they had earned their first 1st place trophy last weekend,” said SJHS Chess Coach Ryan Hizey. “The tournament was exciting from the get go. At one point, when I stepped from the hallway into the playing room around Round 4, I could literally feel the tension in the room from all of the games taking place and could also see it in each of the players’ faces.”

There were 34 students total in the K-8 Division and 5 schools total. Royster Middle School had 20 students competing and had to be split up into 3 teams, so there were actually 7 teams competing. Due to a late start the first two games were game/25 time control, meaning each player had 25 minutes on their clocks and were not required to take notation for the first two games. Games 3 through 6 were Game 30 with a 5 – second delay.

“Our junior high team did very well,” said Mr. Hizey. “After each game, each our Lancer players would come up to me and tell me about their games and what took place. The team was also very supportive of each other going back in to the tournament room to watch the rest of the team after their games were finished.”

At the end of the tournament there was a three-way tie for 1st Place.

“This was very thrilling to me as a coach and tournament director,” said Mr. Hizey.

The first tie breaker settled the order – Southeast Junior High came in 1st Place, Royster Middle School team A in 2nd place, and Royster Middle School team B in 3rd place.

“I was, and am, very thrilled for our junior high chess team,” said Mr. Hizey. “They have come a long way from when each of them first started and continue learning and getting better and better.”

The team has two regular chess tournaments left this year – February 7 in Galena, Missouri and February 21 at Royster Middle School in Chanute, Kansas. The KSCA State Chess tournament will be held March 14 at Wichita North High School in Wichita, Kansas.

“I am looking forward to seeing our team play at each of these tournaments,” said Mr. Hizey.

Southeast Student Placing – 6 games total and medals awarded to top 25

4th Place – Dakota Tyree – 4.5 points
5th Place – Hunter Chrysler – 4 points
12th Place – Brody Newswander – 3.5 points
16th Place – Lillian Chrysler – 3 points
17th Place – Josh Wyckoff – 3 points
20th Place – Zachary Smith – 3 points

K-8 Division Team Placing (Uses top 4 players in tournament for team points)
1st Place – Southeast Junior High – 6 players – 15 points
2nd Place – Royster Middle School Team A – 6 players – 15 points
3rd Place – Royster Middle School Team B – 6 players – 15 points
4th Place – Cherryvale Middle School – 3 players – 14.5 points
5th Place – Royster Middle School Team C – 8 players – 8 points
6th Place – North Lawn Elementary School – 3 players – 6.5 points
7th Place – Galena Junior High School, Galena, MO – 2 players – 6 points

K-12 Division had 39 high school students participating and 6 teams.

K-12 Team Placing
1st – Lamar High School, Lamar, MO – 12 players – 18.5 points
2nd – Northeast High School – 9 players – 16.5 points
3rd – Galena High School, Galena, MO – 8 players – 15 points
4th – Chanute High School – 3 players – 11.5 points
5th – Neodesha High School – 6 players – 11 points
6th – Wichita North High School – 1 player – 4.5 points

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