SJHS Chess Club takes 1st in Galena, Mo tournament

This past Saturday, the Southeast Junior high traveled with Neodesha and Columbus school districts to Galena, MO to participate in a chess tournament. At the conclusion of the tournament, Southeast brought home its third consecutive 1st place trophy.

For travel to the tournament on Saturday, the Neodesha School district provided a bus to take the Neodesha chess team coached by Ray Hizey, Southeast chess team coached by Ryan Hizey, and the Columbus chess team coached by Buddy Derfelt to Galena, MO. The Southeast Junior High team was picked up around 5:30 A.M. in the morning, then Columbus and the trip to the tournament was on. There were 10 students from Neodesha, 7 from Southeast, and 4 from Columbus on the bus.

There were enough players Saturday to have both K-8 and K-12 sections. The tournament was ran Swiss style with 6 rounds and a time control of game 30 with a 5 second delay. There were 4 teams with 20 students total in the K-8 division and 5 teams with 28 students total in the K-12 division. Competition was really good in both sections.

After the first 3 rounds in the K-8 section, the team protections, set to where it should not pair teammates, had to be switched to pair teammates only if necessary because of the small numbers in the section and to make it a fair tournament. Because of having to make this change after the third round, the team trophies were decided upon based on the first three rounds, then the individual medal placings were still decided at the end of the tournament. This made things very interesting because some of the Southeast team members had to play each other during the tournament as well as players on other teams.

At the end of the tournament, all of the Southeast Junior High chess team players placed in the top 13 places out of 20.

“It was a great tournament,” said Ryan Hizey, the Southeast Junior High School Chess Team.

Our next and last regular tournament will be on February 21st, 2015 at Royster Middle School in Chanute, KS. Then, we will have State Chess on Saturday March 14 at Wichita North High School in Wichita, KS for those who qualify.

“I am excited for our chess team as it will be our first year attending a State Chess tournament,” said Hizey.

Galena, Missouri results:

K-8 Division Team placing – Points taken from top 4 players on each team Team placing based on First 3 Rounds for K-8 Division

1st place – Southeast Junior High School, Cherokee, KS– 7 players – 10.5 points 2nd place – North Lawn Elementary, Neodesha, KS – 5 players – 7 points 3rd place – Crane Junior High School, Crane, MO – 5 players – 4 points 4th place – Galena Junior High School, Galena, MO – 3 players – 3.5 points

K-8 Division – Southeast Junior High – Individual Player Placing – 20 students total in section

1st place – Hunter Chrysler – 5.5 points 4th place – Zachary Smith – 4.5 points 5th place – Dakota Tyree – 4 points 6th place – Brody Newswander – 4 points 7th place – Josh Wyckoff – 3.5 points 10th place – Lillian Chrysler – 3 points 13th place – Thomas Letchworth – 2.5 points

K-12 Division Team placing – Points taken from top 4 players on each team – 6 Rounds Total

1st place – Lamar High School, Lamar, MO – 10 players – 19 points 2nd place – Galena High School, Galena, MO – 8 players – 15 points 3rd place – Columbus High School, Columbus, KS – 4 players – 12.5 points 4th place – Neodesha High School, Neodesha, KS – 5 players – 8.5 points 5th place – Crane High School, Crane, MO – 1 player – 2 points

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