Mrs Sutton receives “Excellence in Scholarship” award from PSU

Six graduate students with the Department of Education at Pittsburg State University were presented with the “Excellence in Scholarship” award, including Southeast High School science teacher Sara Sutton.

The award is given to graduate students who stand out as an outstanding scholar, going above and beyond, while also showing that they are a highly effective teacher in their own classroom. Sutton was presented with the “Excellence in Scholarship” on April 15 by Dr. Howard Smith, the Dean of the Department of Education at PSU.

Sutton teaches Biology, Anatomy & Physiology and Pharmacology at the high school while also pursuing her Masters in Educational Leadership at Pittsburg State, and expects to complete that program in May 2016.

“I was very excited to hear that I was going to be receiving this award,” Sutton said.  “I am in a program with some amazing educators, so to be placed as one of the top ones that stands out and goes above and beyond is truly a honor. Education is something that I am passionate about. To see that other people recognize that is an amazing feeling.”

Sutton (Medium)

Dr. Brenda Roberts is the adviser for Southeast High School’s Sarah Sutton, who was presented with an “Excellence in Scholarship” award on April 15.


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