Southeast FFA chapter holds annual banquet

Southeast FFA Chapter Banquet 2015

The Southeast FFA held its end of year banquet this past Saturday at Southeast High School.  The banquet was held just a week before team members will go to the State competition in Manhattan, Kansas from May 3 through the 5th.

Two Southeast FFA members were honored at the banquet with $1,500 Monsanto Scholarship Awards – seniors Phillip Underwood and Jarod Watson.

Southeast FFA chapter sponsor Scott Sutton said Underwood and Watson have been very successful with FFA for several reasons.

“They both come from strong farming backgrounds, which isn’t a requirement to be successful in FFA, but it certainly makes a positive impact; secondly, they both are very intelligent young men that work hard, and have a passion for Agriculture and FFA,” Mr. Sutton said.  “Both of them provide good leadership and also maintain success outside of FFA. Being able to juggle several commitments at a high level is something that younger members can learn from.  In addition, they have set a precedent for success in FFA Career Development Events, which I hope younger members are motivated by.”

Other honors presented at Saturday’s banquet include:

Star Greenhand(s) – Daisy Burns, Eric Underwood and Hannah Williams.  Southeast FFA Spirit Award Winners –Caleb Biancarelli and Brody Wood.

Southeast FFA Greenhand Degree – Daisy Burns, Devon Guison, Wyntr Jacobs, John Jameson, Cady Lloyd, Alli Markley, Jonathan Martin, Jacob McGuire, Laura Ridings, John Sahr, Steven “Brody” Tickel, Eric Underwood, Hannah Williams and Brody Wood.  Southeast Chapter FFA Degree – Truman Buckley, Hunter Jameson, Morgan Leeper, Amber Scales and Jacob Wyckoff.  State Degree – Phillip Underwood.

CDE Medal Recipients – Zoey Ball (2), Daisy Burns (5), Ashton Coltrane (2), Megan Gall (2), Wyntr Jacobs (1), John Jameson (1), Katharina Jens (2), Cady Lloyd (1), Alli Markley (1), Jacob McGuire (4), Laura Ridings (2), Ian Smith (1), Madison Thompson (1), Eric Underwood (2), Phillip Underwood (5), Jarod Watson (4), Aaron Westervelt (2), Hannah Williams (5), Laura Yancey (1), and Jacob Zortz (2).

FFA Activity Points – 1st- Jarod Watson, 2nd- Hannah Williams, 3rd- Phillip Underwood, 4th- Daisy Burns, 5th- Jacob Zortz, 6th- Brody Wood, 7th- Caleb Biancarelli, 8th- Laura Ridings, 9th- Wyntr Jacobs, 10th- Eric Underwood, and 10th- Cady Lloyd.

Fundraising Top Individuals:  Hog Raffle Ticket Sales – 1st- Jarod Watson, 2nd- Brody Tickel, 3rd- Alli Markley, 4th- Caleb Biancarelli, and 5th- Megan Gall; and, Fruit and Meat Sales – 1st-Brody Wood, 2nd-Caleb Biancarelli, 3rd- Amber Scales, 4th- John Sahr, 5th- Jacob Zortz, 6th- Erin Horgan, 7th- Laura Ridings, 8th- Melanie Hartman, 9th- Caleb Thompson, and 10th- Ryan Rakestraw and Kim Fraker.

The Southeast FFA has also named its Chapter Officers for the 2015-16 school year – President Daisy Burns, Vice President Melanie Hartman, Secretary Hannah Williams, Treasurer Jake Wyckoff, Reporter Eric Underwood, Sentinel Laura Ridings.

Southeast FFA students participating in the FFA State competition in Manhattan, Kansas from May 3 through the 5th are as follows: Farm Business Management Team—Phil Underwood, Jarod Watson, Aaron Westervelt & Jacob Zortz; Food Science Team—Ashton Coltrane, Megan Gall, Katharina Jens & Ryan Rakestraw; Ag Sales Team—Zoey Ball, Melanie Hartman, Phil Underwood & Jacob Zortz (due to scheduling conflicts Ball, Underwood and Zortz not participating—taking their spots are Daisy Burns, Laura Ridings & Hannah Williams); Floriculture Team—Ashton Coltrane, Megan Gall, Madison Thompson & Laura Yancey; Greenhand Parliamentary Procedure Individual—Daisy Burns; Greenhand Parliamentary Procedure Team—Daisy Burns, Wyntr Jacobs, Jake McGuire, Laura Ridings, Eric Underwood & Hannah Williams Creed Speaking; Job Interview—Zoey Ball; and, State Star Farmer Candidate Individual—Phil Underwood.

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