Southeast Ag instructor learning more about welding

The Southeast High School Agriculture instructor is at a welding workshop this week in Hutchinson.

“I’m hoping to build my knowledge and ability in the shop to benefit my students,” Scott Sutton said.  “My goal for attending the workshop is to further develop my classroom teaching ability, along with improving my own welding abilities allowing me to provide better welding and cutting demonstrations to my students.”

“During the four day workshop I will receive classroom and shop instruction on SMAW, GMAW and GTAW welding processes along with cutting processes,” Sutton said.  “As part of the course I will receive classroom materials to share with students.”

In recent years Southeast has had a continuous focus on preparing students for STEM careers – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Sutton said this week’s workshop fits right in with that effort.

“There is a ton of science involved in welding with the different types of metals, filler materials and gases used,” said Sutton.  “Math is used to compute cost of materials for all projects along with proper planning and organization of project plans.  Lastly, engineering and figuring out different ways to design metal projects to meet the need that is being fulfilled has engineering written all over it.”

At a time when funding is a concern, Sutton said he was able to find a way to take care of that.

“In May I secured grant funding through Kansas CTE to pay for the course, travel and lodging expenses,” Sutton said.  “The fact that I was able to secure grant funding to cover the class was an added bonus.  There will be zero cost to the district for this excellent opportunity.”

The workshop is sponsored by the Kansas Center for Career and Technical Education and is being held on the campus of Hutchinson Community College.

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