Lady Lancers using summer to prepare for volleyball season

The Lady Lancer volleyball team will be participating in the upcoming camp at Pittsburg State.  The camp comes just a week after holding their own school camp.  And for the first time ever Southeast Coach Maya White brought in a guest coach – Riann Mullis, the head coach of the Cowley College Lady Tigers.  Coach White said bringing in an outside voice to their own team camp provides players another perspective and helps reinforce what they are being taught.

“I’ve already seen a ton of improvement and a lot of the girls, where I’ve been seeing the same things over and over, just hearing it from someone else it’s like – ‘click’ – and that’s a good thing,” said Coach White.  “It’s just good for the players to hear from another person that has different experience, especially a college coach that brings that credibility.”

And Coach Mullis definitely has credibility.  The Lady Tigers just won their seventh straight Jayhawk Conference Eastern Division title and finished top-three nationally for the sixth year in a row, having also won the NJCAA DII national championship in 2011 and 2013.

For Cowley College, helping with the camp is all about making connections and helping the kids become better players.

“I’ve known Coach White for quite some time – we’re both Gorillas and we’re part of the same volleyball world – Olivia Powell’s coming to play for us, so we get Olivia and we want to help the team,” said Coach Mullis.  I think it’s just kind of like a pay it forward system.”

Powell is just one of several graduating seniors at Southeast High School, leaving the Lady Lancers with only three players who have significant experience on the varsity squad.  This week’s camp and Saturday’s tournament gives Coach White a chance to see how well her young squad is evolving.

“There are a lot of positions to be filled,” Coach White said.  “It’s just open for whoever can compete at the varsity level.”

The focus of this week’s camp was ball control, which Mullis said is the best way for spectators to determine how a game is going.

“Is it a nice easy pass, do they make it look easy?” Coach Mullis said.  “I think if somebody is making it look really easy then they’re doing it right.  That’s what’s so much fun about the game because everybody thinks it’s so complicated and you have to wail all over the place in order to be successful, and it’s really just about the simple things.  The simple plays.  It’s just really fun watching somebody easily go up and jump swing and they make it look so easy that the normal spectator thinks ‘oh, I can do that’ but they really can’t.”

Southeast High School finished the week by hosting a summer volleyball tournament on Saturday.  Winning the tournament was St. Mary’s Colgan, who beat Frontenac in the championship matchup.  Pool Play results:  Colgan, 1 seed (5-0); St. Paul, 2 seed (5-0); Frontenac, 3 seed (4-2); Neodesha, 4 seed (3-3); Southeast, 5 seed (2-4); Riverton, 6 seed (1-5); and, Northeast, 7 seed (0-6).  Bracket play:  Colgan (4-1), 1st place; Frontenac (4-2), 2nd place; Neodesha (2-2); Northeast (0-2); Riverton (1-2); Southeast (0-2); and, St. Paul (3-2).

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