Southeast Elementary PTO Minutes – September 2015


September 1ST, 2015

The September SES PTO meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Dorothy Smith.  Members present were Dorothy Smith, Colleen Lacher, Elaine Humble, Carla Lewis, Buzz Palmer, Bonnie Palmer, Joyce Fox, Cara Kubler, Tammie Hall, Chris Wilson, Cyndee Martin, Brad Miner, Jackie Scott, Katie Locke, and Suzanne Renn.

August minutes were read by Suzanne Renn.  Cara made a motion to approve as read and Colleen seconded.

Treasurer’s report was given by Elaine Humble.

Beginning balance $10,036.30

Ending balance $9251.14

Savings balance $3000.00 for playground donation

Suzanne made a motion to approve as read and Carla seconded.


  • Playground- Hall reported the plans have been submitted to the high school students who will put them into a computer program and will then be submitted to the state for approval.  Carla recommended using the rock that is currently at the playground as filler for areas around the office and under the picnic tables and in places that are difficult to mow and require having to move to mow under them.  Tammie will look into that.
    • T-shirt sales- Orders are due September 16th. Dorothy and Katie will tally the orders and give the final order to Suzanne to order.
    • School Directory- Will have Stephanie send them to Suzanne to compile the directory.
    • Lancer sign- Tammie has contacted Vital Signs for a quote on a new sign.
    • Back to School Bash- Bought food and drinks for 200 people and sold out! Still have some door prizes left over for next year.  We spent $190.41 for food and collected $205.25 for a profit of $14.84.


  • Homecoming activities- Will sell water at the Weir Homecoming on 9-19-15 from 10 am-2pm.  Elaine will get 350 bottles of water and ice and Cara will provide the cooler.  Tammie can get chairs and tables from the school to use and will inquire around for a canopy.  Elaine will get money bags and change.  Katie will make a note to send home for parents looking for volunteers to work the booth.  Will also sell t-shirts there and will have one on display along with order forms.  Colleen and Chris will check on getting a 3×5 banner made to display with SES PTO name on it.
  • Thank-You Cards
    • From Vince Gier for SHS scholarship
    • From Courtney Goodelk for SHS scholarship
    • From Cara Kubler for $50 classroom donation
    • From Carla Lewis for $50 classroom donation

Colleen made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:45 p.m. and Cara seconded.

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