New Spirit Shack T-Shirt Design!

With so many questions about the school year, the Spirit Shack thought it would answer our own question:

“Will the Spirit Shack have a new t-shirt design?” YES!!!!

Lancer gear is ALWAYS in style, pandemic or not, right!?

Below you will find links for the new t-shirt/hoodie design and pricing information. These shirts will be available at enrollment and limited supply throughout the school year.  If you want to reserve yours now, just reply to this email and I’ll make sure I have your size pulled from our inventory.  If you need to special order sizes/styles, please let me know by the end of enrollment.  ALSO…we can even do a dry-fit t-shirt option for special orders ONLY.  If you want it in dry-fit, please specify that when you order.  Prices are still the same but only Adult Small – XLarge is available in the dry fit option.  $12 each.

The deadline for special orders is Thursday (8/6) at the end of enrollment.

The following will be carried in stock at the Spirit Shack:

Adult T-Shirts: Sizes Small – XLarge = $12, XXLarge = $15
Adult Hoodies: Sizes Small – XLarge = $22, XXLarge = $25

Check out the pricing sheet or shoot me an email ( and I’ll let you know what is available and pricing.  Like always, last year’s inventory is on sale 25% off with limited supply, while supplies last, first come-first serve.  (And, due to COVID, we have some inventory remaining.)

We want to thank you for your continued support of our students.  Remember, all profits stay with our students to provide scholarships, support clubs, and class materials/trips, etc.  Thanks again for the support! — Cherie Witt

T-Shirt Design SOUTHEAST FALL 2020

Lancer T-Shirt PRICE SHEET 2020

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