Volleyball Scores

 Southeast volleyball goes 1 and 1 tonight at Altoona during a league night.

 Lost vs Pleasanton 21-25, 20-25

Jr. Malia Vinson had 12 digs, Sr. Kailynn Martin had 14 digs.
“During our match against Pleasanton we didn’t play as hard as we should have. We started off with not enough energy and made a lot of silly mistakes. There were some good things we did in the game but we had a lot of errors and we were not focused enough to win. We played up and down during the match. We scored a point and they scored a point and so on. Which doing that will make you very tired and exhausted. We also didn’t talk enough or put in enough effort. But, that stuff got better later on in the night.” Jr. Zoey Tavernaro 

Won vs Altoona 17-25, 25-14, 25-20

Jr. Malia Vinson had 9 kills and 12 digs, So. Kinzey Cassidy had 11 kills and 11 assists, Fr. Natalie Wells had 14 assists, Sr. Kailynn Martin had 12 digs, Jr. Zoey Tavernaro had 8 digs.
“During our first set against Altoona I think we weren’t focused and we weren’t playing as a team. We definitely talked a lot more during our second set and we started putting the ball down. We really pushed and played well during the last set. We had a lot of good hits and passes. I feel like we were working together and we were more relaxed. Overall I think we just need to bring good energy to the first set and carry it through to the end.” So. Kinzey Cassidy.

“Right now our biggest challenge is ourselves. I was proud of the girls for turning it around. How we ended was the night was way better than we started.” – coach Maya White

Our record is now 5-11. Our next match is at Frontenac on Thursday, Sept. 30th. We will play Parsons at 6 and Frontenac at 7pm.

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