Tuesdays Volleyball Scores

Southeast goes 1-1 in a Tri with Columbus and Colgan.

Won vs Columbus 25-23, 25-21

Jr. Malia Vinson had 9 digs. Sr. Kalle Bitner had 2 blocks and 7 digs. So. Kinzey Cassidy led with 5 kills and she also had 8 digs. Sr. Kailynn Martin had 13 digs. Jr. Zoey Tavernaro had 10 digs. 

” Tonight, we played the best we have in a while. We beat Columbus in 2 sets and worked hard every minute of those sets. We came into the game ready to beat them. We have a lot of work to put in the next three days and are ready to take on substate.” – Sr. Captain Kailynn Martin

Lost vs Colgan 18-25, 12-25

Jr. Malia Vinson led with 5 kills and she also had 8 digs. Sr. Kalle Bitner had 2 blocks. Fr. Teagan Warner had 2 blocks. Fr. Natalie Wells had 8 digs. Sr. Kailynn Martin had 18 digs. Jr. Zoey Tavernaro had 8 digs.
” In the game against Colgan, I think we played really hard and there was a lot of good things. We talked a lot and everyone had their heads up. Our defense was really good, but we didn’t put the ball down enough to score more points. Both of the games we had tonight we had great attitudes which makes the games way more fun. Overall I think it was a pretty good night.” – Jr. Zoey Tavernaro
“Tonight our defense was great in the back row and at the net. We had a lot of blocks as a team and we dug very well. Both teams (Colgan and Columbus) had some good hitters and our defense did a good job slowing down the ball and digging the ball. We are going to keep working on our execution on the net.  We only have 3 days and we are going work hard everyone of those days! ” – Head Coach Maya White
Our record is now 8-22. We will wait to find out what seed we are tomorrow. Our Substate will be at Colgan this Saturday. 
Our JV went 0-2 tonight. 

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