Audio Visual Communications Pathway

Partnership with North Central Technical College, Beloit, KS

Instructor – Brad Coots

Student Organization – Technology Student Association (TSA)


The Arts, Audio/Visual and Communications Cluster focuses on the development of skills to share a message, feeling or emotion through digital, 2D and 4D means. . Kansas has created two pathways for this cluster, both very different from each other. In addition, the Visual Arts pathway has two strands which further define the skill set of this career cluster.


Computer Applications- Introductory Level

In Computer Applications courses, students acquire knowledge of and experience in the proper and efficient use of previously written software packages. These courses explore a wide range of applications, including (but not limited to) word-processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and database programs, and they may also cover the use of electronic mail and desktop publishing.

Audio Video Production Fundamentals

Audio Video Production Fundamentals provides a basic understanding of producing video for a variety of uses. Topics include analyzing the pre-production, production and post-production process, as well as explore the equipment and techniques used to develop a quality video production.

Video Production

Video Production applies the technical skills learned in Audio Video Production Fundamentals by allowing students to orchestrate projects from setting the objectives to the post-production evaluation. The subject of the presentation may be determined in a number of ways, but must address an authentic need. The complexity of the presentation is not the focus of the course, but the experience of the entire process in, to include planning the presentation, setting up the studio (if applies), acting as videographer and editor to make it fluid and seamless.

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